Baby on Board: First Trimester Recap

First Trimester Recap

Woah! Can’t believe we’re already through the first trimester! This has been the quickest and longest 13 weeks all at the same time. It has been a whirlwind of emotions, body changes and excitement. Tyler and I are so grateful for our bundle of joy growing in my belly. We understand this process can be long and challenging for many couples. Wherever you are in your pregnancy journey, this is a beautiful part of your story.

Let’s start from the beginning:

The BFP ( Big Fat Positive)

We found out about Baby E around 3 weeks pregnant. We were overjoyed with happiness and spent the first few weeks researching, window shopping and sharing the news with immediate family and close friends.

Our first midwife appointment was around 6 weeks.At this appointment they confirmed the pregnancy and predicted our due date. We ended up changing practices and had another appointment one week later. We are so happy with the practice we switched to. It’s so important to be happy and comfortable with your care providers. Don’t feel obligated to stay with your midwife/doctor just because you have already been seeing them.
At our first appointment with the new practice ( at 7 weeks) we saw the little heartbeat flicker for the first time! This was very exciting for us and we felt comfortable telling extended family the following week on Thanksgiving!

Week 11 included a midwife appointment and we were able to hear the heartbeat at 160 bpm (Old wives tales say a higher heart beat is a girl- we have 7 more weeks to find out if this is true!).

Weeks 8-13 flew by with all of the holidays and travel. Tyler and I spent these weeks really focusing on what was best for Baby and Mama. This included LOTS of rest, food and gentle exercise. Around week 10 I started to slowly get my energy back. I was able to look at fruits and vegetables again and get into the gym more regularly. As I enter the second trimester, I’m starting to see a little bump grow and I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to nourish my body the best ways I can!

My body has handled pregnancy very well so far. However, I have experienced some pregnancy symptoms (some classic ones, and some weird ones) that I have learned to cope with. Below are some of my symptoms I experienced in the first trimester, some things that have helped me!

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Fatigue: The fatigue is no joke! When they say growing a tiny human is exhausting, they aren’t kidding! I have never felt so tired. Some days I didn’t want to get off the couch, and trust me some days I didn’t. I would come home from work, make dinner and pretty much go to sleep. It was also hard for me to find the energy to go to the gym. This was hard for me considering I was previously going 4-5 days per week. But I tried to listen to my body and give myself some slack.

  • Food Aversions: The first few weeks I had ZERO appetite. I never felt hungry and nothing sounded good. I would try to eat 3 meals a day because I knew my body needed the nutrients. As the weeks went on I started to become more hungry, however the thought of chicken or any vegetables ( especially broccoli) was so unappealing. I found myself gravitating towards carbohydrates and processed foods. This may be because I was so tired, and our body naturally craves carbohydrates when we are fatigued. During this time, I did not feel my best. I found myself in a cycle of being tired, eating junk, not going to the gym and feeling lousy, sluggish and exhausted. As I progressed through the first trimester this started to change and I was able to eat more healthfully and have more energy and was happier and less cranky which felt AMAZING.

  • Food Cravings: This one I found so interesting! I was craving foods that I haven’t eaten in years! Maybe it’s because my body was wanting heavily processed snack foods, but I was thinking about Little Bites Mini Muffins, Doughnuts, Goldfish, bagels with cream cheese, toast with butter and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. Very specific foods! I allowed myself to have most of these foods, in moderation.

  • Acne: Previous to being pregnant, I had been struggling with acne for most of my life in different phases. However, when I became pregnant I was getting acne in places I never have before, such as my shoulders, back,hair and jawline. Also, every week in the first trimester was different! Some weeks my skin was not so great, other times my face was very clear! I guess that is what happens when your hormones are going haywire!

  • Indigestion: This one started very early on and has continued now into my second trimester. I have never experienced this prior to pregnancy but I am burping more than ever! Especially after my first drink of water or coffee in the morning.

Things I Found Helpful During the First Trimester:

  • Exercise. Although I was not exercising regularly, when I did I felt amazing! It was almost like I had restarted in the gym for the first time. I had to learn to navigate the gym in a way that felt good to me. Some days running on the treadmill felt awesome, other days I wanted to do the bike. Sometimes I did more stretching than anything else, or did 3 exercises and went home. Just the act of going to the gym, putting my headphones in and having “me time” was so helpful for my mental health and physical health. Our life is a sum of habits we form, I had gotten out of the habit of going to the gym. I am still re learning this habit and making an extra step/effort to do any form of exercise almost every day. One because I know I will feel more energized and happy and because it is good for me and baby.

  • Listening to my body: This is probably the most important one. I really tried to rest when my body was telling me I needed it. Eating when my body was telling me I was hungry. Going to sleep when I needed to, even if it was “ still early”.

  • Hydration: During the first trimester and now into the second, I am thirsty ALL the time. I keep a water bottle with me at all times. At home I have been drinking out of a large mason jar and adding in lemon and limes, because it is “fun” and refreshing.

  • Mindset: I think it was helpful to have a “Mama and Baby” mentality. This is because I was feeling so sluggish and cranky, it was easy to eat poorly and stay on the couch. Don’t get me wrong, this was needed at times. However, towards the end of the first trimester I started to think more about me and baby. I was thinking how great I would feel if I made an effort everyday to do my best to nourish my body with the best food, read/learn positive pregnancy + baby information, move my body every day, stay hydrated, take my vitamins and rest. This was so helpful to get me out of a “ lazy funk” and help me feel happier and more energized.

  • Nightly Routine: My pregnancy nightly routine is similar to my pre-pregnancy routine. It consists of showering, using coconut oil, vitamin E oil, belly butter all over my belly, hips, boobs, hips and back of legs. Brush my hair and drink my nightly tea or infused water. And of course go to bed early.

  • Guided Pregnancy Meditation: Youtube has some great sleep meditations. I put my headphones in and fall asleep to calming music with positive affirmations for mamas. It is a time to connect with baby, unwind and feel relaxed. Some of my best sleeps were after I listened to these short videos.

  • Prenatal Yoga: Again, Youtube has some great resources! Right from my bedroom floor, I have started doing yoga movements a few times a week. Some of the videos focus on specific areas of the body and some just for relaxation. I have really tight, non flexible hips and I am focusing on this area to prepare for birth!

  • Smoothies: I have found drinking smoothies so helpful during this time! Because my nutrition was not on point most of this trimester, smoothies were helpful to pack a TON of nutrients in a smoothie which was easy to drink, keep me full for a long time and provide a lot of nutrition. My template for a smoothie is: a nut milk + leafy greens + collagen protein + healthy fat + fruit

Can’t wait to experience the rest of this journey!

The information within this blog post is based on my personal expereice. It is in no way medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Please consult your medical professional with any questions/concerns, teatments and inteventions.

Please feel free to share your experience, thoughts, tips and tricks in the comments!