Healthy Hacks: Get Back to Balance


 As summer is coming to an end chances are it went by too quickly! You got caught up with vacations, carpooling kids around, meeting friends for cocktails, and staying out later than you planned on multiple occasions. Maybe your exercise, healthy habits and nutrition took a hit this summer? And now the new school year is quickly approaching, you’re running around buying school supplies, shopping for new clothes, driving your kids to the last of the summer activities, and boy are you ready for routine in your life again!

No worries! We have some tips to help you transition back into the school year with ease. Find some balance in your life with these healthy hacks:


-Start Your Day with Hydration: After fasting while we sleep, the best thing we can do for our body when we first wake up is to drink a big glass of water. Try doing this before your morning coffee. Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the day. A good goal is 64 oz of H2O per day for adults. Try keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day so there is no excuse for not staying hydrated. Next time you’re in Balance Café, don’t forget to try the infused water!

-Protein and Fat for Breakfast: A great way to stay energized throughout the day is to have protein and fat for breakfast.  Keep blood sugar at bay by keeping carbohydrates lower at breakfast. A combo of protein and fat will keep you full and satisfied for hours longer than a carbohydrate rich breakfast. Try eggs with avocado, a smoothie with flax/chia seed, nut butter, coconut oil, and protein powder

-Meal Prep: This is a great strategy for staying on track especially if you are busy during the week. Prepare some of your favorite staple items at the beginning of the week to make family dinner’s quick and easy on the day of. I like to make quinoa, rice, roasted veggies, chicken, hard boiled eggs and fat balls ahead of time.

-Make it a Priority to Move: You don’t need to be in the gym hours a day to be active and healthy. Being intentional about moving your body during the day will help you avoid the mid-day slump. Park in a further parking space to get a longer walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a break to stretch or walk every hour if you are sitting at a desk all day, take a walk on your lunch break, go on a walk with your dog, play outside with your kids, take an evening stroll after dinner with your spouse, do a HIIT workout outside, or if the gym is your thing, go to it! More movement during the day will help you feel good all day long!

-Find a Routine and Stick to it: They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Little steps each day lead to progress, momentum and eventually a habit. It is easy to form healthy habits when you are in a rhythm. Find a routine that works for you and rock it! This will set you up for success, whether it is a night time routine, bed time ritual or both your bound to have increased productivity and peace of mind.

-SLEEP: As a society, we do not sleep enough. We are always on the go, caught up in the hustle and bustle. Prioritizing sleep will help you give all your energy to the important tasks during the day whether it be a work meeting, taking the kids to school or catching up with your friend- you want to be fully present! Try doing something relaxing to wind down before jumping into bed, like having a cup of tea, reading or simply washing your face. Sleep is so important for our body to function optimally. Plus the worst feeling is waking up to your alarm after a poor night of sleep.

-Enjoy the Little Things: Just because your back to routine doesn’t mean life must be boring! Find the joy in the little things like your morning cup of coffee. Schedule a healthy lunch to catch up with a friend or co-workers ( Balance Cafe & Smoothies and Maplewood Kitchen are my go to healthy restaurants in the greater Cincinnati area). Treat yourself to your favorite snack or dessert from time to time ( One of my favorites is a Perfect Bar). Take your lunch outside and enjoy the fresh air. Spend time doing something special with your kids after school. Whatever you find happiness in during the day, enjoy it.