Start of Something New



Here’s to the start of something new! Except the title of this blog is a HUGE understatement because everything in my life has been new since May 2018. For starters, I graduated college (FINALLY) with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Dietetics. I finished my 1200 hours of Supervised Practice (dietetic internship) to be eligible to sit for the National Exam for Registered Dietitians. I passed the exam two and a half weeks later, and became a Registered Dietitian! Eight days after that I married the love of my life in front of close friends and family on the beach. We went on an amazing honeymoon and then came home and I start my first “big girl job” and moved into a new apartment in the same week! WHEW! SO many big changes within a month’s time and I wouldn’t change a thing.

And if that wasn’t enough crazy I am now finally starting this blog with my best friend and husband, Tyler.

Tyler and I developed Eifert Eats Nutrition + Wellness to share our love for health and fitness. Our goal is to empower people to create healthful, happy, and natural lives through nutrition and wellness practices. We want to show that a lifestyle rooted in healthy behaviors can be simple and fulfilling.  We will be sharing recipes with REAL ingredients, our personal experiences with wellness, and evidence based nutrition information.

I am excited to share my knowledge as a RD to promote a positive message around real + whole food nutrition, keeping balance in mind. I hope to bring awareness to lifestyle rather than dieting. Optimal health can be achieved by focusing on the individual as a whole; focusing on nutrition, exercise, self-care and much more.

Tyler will be using his expertise behind the scenes as well as contributing his perspective on how we live a balanced life, achieve our health goals and have fun in the process.

Follow along for our story, fitness journey, how we have found balance with health + wellness, and all our tips, tricks and informative nutrition advice!





Leave a comment and tell us what health, wellness and nutrition topics you would like to see from us!