Amy is the face behind Eifert Eats. She enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, exercising and eating ( of course!) and spending time with her new husband, Tyler. Amy’s mission is to help you live a wholesome, happy life rooted in healthy behaviors and habits. She is just like you- a 20- something trying to navigate this crazy life and find her version of healthy living- and she will empower you to live your life in a way that helps you thrive! She has the interest of helping others and is excited to share their experiences, tips and hacks!


Amy Eifert RD

Amy is a Registered Dietitian, lover of breakfast foods, avocados and ice cream. She loves anything outdoors and thinks being in nature is the best medicine, besides food of course! Amy believes it is important to treat your body like your life depends on it, because it does. Health and wellness are the foundations to allow you to thrive in all areas of life. She has been on a journey to find a healthy food relationship which is always evolving. Amy focuses on real whole foods that make her feel good, with the occasional treat! Cooking and preparing meals that are nutritious and full of flavor are one of her favorite things to do- even her husband enjoys them! She finds happiness in weight lifting, HIIT training, hiking, running or the evening stroll in the park. Practicing self care and having morning and night routines add to her wellbeing. Amy hopes to spread sound nutrition information for others to learn and easily apply it to their lives to create healthy habits. Her goal is to create a positive message surrounding health and wellness and inspire people to eat REAL food in a way that fits their lifestyle.